Thanksgiving, 2019

Dear Ministry Partner,

Did you know that 79 percent of unchurched people are receptive to hearing about Christianity as long as they see 1) we care deeply about our faith and 2) we sincerely care about them?  Despite this receptivity, 71 percent of unchurched people have never had someone explain to them how to become a Christian. This comes from the new book You Found Me by Rick Richardson. He concludes: “It seems like there is a huge gap between people who would be fine with hearing [the Gospel] and people who are actually sharing.” 

By partnering with Christianity Explored USA, you are addressing this very real problem. Christianity Explored exists to help all Christians share the best news ever in a relevant, compassionate, truth-based way. 

Since Christianity Explored USA began ten years ago, at least 26,000 Christians have started running Christianity Explored courses in their churches and communities. We’ve also equipped hundreds of Christians through our leader’s materials, training events, annual conferences, and telephone and face-to-face coaching. On average, those who attend our training events report a 30% gain in confidence sharing the Gospel. This is a huge step for getting the Gospel out! 

Consider Chelsea, a life changed by the Gospel through Christianity Explored. When she attended her first CE series, Chelsea had many questions and struggled to believe in Jesus. Chelsea went through Christianity Explored seven times before committing her life to Christ. Because of her church’s faithfulness and CE’s simple approach, Chelsea was already equipped, even as a new believer, to become a Christianity Explored leader.  

As we approach a new year, we invite you to partner with us. You can do this in many ways. If you’ve never run a Christianity Explored series, consider getting a Leader’s Kit and introducing a Christianity Explored series in your church or your neighborhood. If you’d like more confidence to run CE, please contact us about a training near you. If you are able to support us financially, prayerfully consider giving a year-end, tax-deductible donation or become a monthly financial partner. Most of our support comes from generous donors who have seen the value of our ministry. This enables us to keep our materials affordable and easily accessible. 

Christianity Explored USA is actively addressing the problem of Christians not sharing the best news ever heard.  Remember, non-Christians are ready to hear, but they need people to tell them of Jesus. 

Enclosed is a response card with ways you can give. Thank you for your partnership.
By God’s grace,

Alan J. Avera
Executive Director

918 S. Pleasantburg Dr, Suite 018, Greenville, SC  29607

P.S.- As a tangible thank you from now until December 16th, you may request a free copy of Rico Tice’s Christmas booklet A Very Different Christmas for any donation of $10 or more.  

Online payments and recurring donations can be made through our electronic giving page.