About Us

Christianity Explored North America is the partner of Christianity Explored Ministries (CEM) dedicated to serving the church in the United States and Canada. 

Our Mission

The purpose of Christianity Explored North America is to equip God's people in evangelism by exploring Jesus in the Bible and in a relational environment. We do this in many ways:


We develop resources

  • to introduce non-believers to who Jesus is, why he came, and what it means to them
  • to help believers fall in love with the Gospel again
  • to train Christians to share their faith more confidently.

Currently, we have four courses: Hope Explored, Christianity Explored, Life Explored, and Discipleship Explored. We also have resources for children and youth. We are always updating and refining our material to be relevant and effective for different audiences.

We provide training

to churches and individuals curious about building a culture of evangelism in their local church through Christianity Explored. Please contact us about hosting a training near you. You can find online training in our Leader's Area.

We work with international partners

to offer Christianity Explored resources in different translations and provide training and support for leaders and pastors across the world.

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